Matthew J. Wilson Professor of Research Radiology & Vice Chair for Research, Department of Radiology

Clinical Director, CMROI



Department of Radiology

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

3400 Spruce Street

Philadelphia, PA 19104-4283

Tel: 215-662-7238

Fax: 215-662-3013



BA, 1981 University of Pennsylvania (Physics)

MD, 1986 University of Pennsylvania

PhD, 1986 University of Pennsylvania (Biophysics)

Recent Work

Research Interests

To improve diagnostic capabilities for high risk of cancer and cancer patients.

To develop an understanding of the relative performance of the new generation of breast imaging modalities.

To develop anatomic and functional markers of SERM effect on the breast.

Honors and Awards

1989 Outstanding Paper Award, Society of Uroradiology

1992 Lauterber Award, Society of Computed Body Tomography and MR

1992 RSNA Scholars Award

1999 Luigi Mastroianni Clinical Innovator Award

2008 The American Society for Clinical Investigation (ASCI)

2009 The Association of American Physicians (AAP)

2009 Fellow in the American College of Radiology


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